Bangle Bandy App Reviews

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It's pretty alright

I really like it fun to play yeah

Bangle Bandy is grrrrreat!

It's simple, pleasant to look at, and addicting! Play it!


Bangle revels in the spirit of the late Steve jobs. A simple white background with smooth geometric circles screams copyright infringement. However, in the meantime everyone should download and enjoy the addictive nature of the brilliant new and simple gameplay mechanics found in this game.

Great game

Very innovative and fun!!

Fun little game indeed

Seth has created a very pleasant, fast-paced bugger that I can't seem to put down. Love the sound effects. Though i wish there was a quick tutorial, I was able to pick up on the mechanic quickly. That's a testament to its simplicity I suppose, so minimalists and designers would be proud. Good work Seth!


In its simplicity

Simple and satisfying

A great amount of challenge with no frustration. Great looking visuals.

Fun game

Minimalistic simple and fun

Lovin it

Addicting and challenging and fun.

Awwwww yeah!!!

My new thing to do when I need something to do while I subconsciously think about other things. Simple yet challenging. Like a rubics cube but better. And you can keep track of your improvement. AWESOMENESS ALL OVER!!!!!!!


What an addicting game! Only thing I would add is a quick tutorial for those not sure what to do at the beginning.

Minimalistic and Addicting

A bit of simple fun for when you're waiting on your coffee. Good times!

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